Video Ad server & Open API - An easy to use monetization platform
Video Ad server & Open API

What makes our video ad server so smart?

Our multi-screen Video Ad Server introduces new ways to smartly deliver video for maximum ad revenue. Robust video ad serving technology enables you to navigate through campaigns and simply scale across multiple mobile, desktop and connected TV screens.

Access a full stack of server technology to monetize your programmatic video. Each unit is designed to deliver a highly viewable user experience.  Simply upload IAB-supported VAST and VPAID video tags and start streaming HTML5 or Flash ready video. Experience unified yield optimization across direct, tag-based and programmatic sources powered by our proprietary video header bidding technology.  Finally, forecast and track your results on the Cedato dashboard. Access our real time reports to quickly get updates on new revenue opportunities.


Manage demand & supply

Real time campaign management

Customizable reports

Dedicated online support 

Stay on brand with our open player API.

Our flexible and intuitive API interface enables you to easily customize all parameters, reports, interactivity and monetization. Reduce your time-to-market, using our rich built-in library of embed codes and begin your video campaigns in no time.

The Cedato API framework also makes it possible to easily set up and integrate your video into existing workflows, applications and other 3rd party products.