Simplifying Operational Inefficiencies, Ops NYC 2019 Panel Video

Maya Youdovski

We’ve had the pleasure of presenting and moderating a wildly relevant panel at Ops NYC at the beginning of the month: ‘Simplifying operational inefficiencies: Developing a holistic Video Monetization & Content Strategy.’

Moderated by Dvir Doron, GM North America, and joined by panelists Chris Garcia, VP Ad Operations, CBS Local; Larry Shender, Manager of Programmatic,  The Knot Worldwide;  Peter Horstmann, VP Business Intelligence, Investing Channel. We discussed some of the most burning questions publishers are facing at the moment and gain insights into challenges we as an industry face these days.

With the promise for higher CPMs and better value for each inventory opportunity –  you need to find a stable and scalable video strategy.

If only a video strategy still meant buying and filling pre-roll inventory. Nope, it’s much more complicated these days: Publishers devising their video advertising monetization strategy are faced with the challenges of fragmented technologies and high content production & management costs. Advertisers, on the other hand, need to ensure their video ads and branded content are meeting relevant audiences wherever they view—and in a brand-safe environment. With the concern of keeping it fresh, automated content creation, Latency and OTT/CTV topping the list.