AI Driven Video Composer - Cedato

AI-Driven Cedato Video Composer

A first-of-its-kind built-in AI-Driven video Composer, that auto generates engaging & monetizable video content that is unique and customized to your site.

Get fresh and engaging content through a built-in connection to both a syndicated video library that updates in real time, and to the AI-driven Cedato Video Composer. The AI-driven Cedato Video Composer saves you time and money, making it easier to generate a steady flow of high-quality, relevant content you need to engage and retain your audience. It allows instream video storytelling that delivers video CPMs with no overhead costs, increasing users time-on-site and revenue streams.

4 Main benefits:

Allowing instream video storytelling delivering video CPMs

No overhead costs

Auto generate engaging & monetizable video content

Requires no setup or editing

How does it work.

The AI-driven Cedato Video Composer activates from the player on the page to create engaging video content for monetization. With the use of advanced AI algorithms, the Video- Composer scans the site ׳s content for relevant and adaptable assets. Then, by applying machine learning algorithms it transforms your proprietary assets into engaging videos within minutes so you can auto-generate custom video content. The process is completely automated and requires no setup or editing.

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