13 Reasons Why Consumers May Hate Your Brand’s Advertising (And How To Fix It)

Consumers can have really long memories when it comes to specific events, and if done right, a business’s advertising can be very memorable for its target audience. Many of us still remember old TV or print ads from our childhood because of the feelings and memories we associate with them.

The problem occurs when a business’s ads are lackluster or when the brand’s message backfires and incites an outrage mob. An ad that’s off-color or in poor taste may fade from memory quickly. However, in some rare cases, the hate that consumers have for a company may outlive the controversial ad itself.

Below, 13 experts from Forbes Agency Council offer insights into why consumers may be carrying a grudge against a business because of a past advertising campaign, and how the company can seek to fix that public image before it taints the enterprise further.

2. Bad UX And Antagonistic Context

Media “quality” today is more than just a human view; it’s about human experience so ultimately the user experience (UX). The highs and lows of user interaction with your brand are impacted by the environment in which your campaign is delivered. According to a recent GroupM study, ads appearing in quality online environments are 42% more cost-effective for advertisers. – Dvir DoronCedato

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