Video Header Bidding

Open your video inventory to multiple demand sources!

For header bidding to function across all video formats & overcome latency, yield & transparency barriers it must work in an open, two-sided environment. Cedato’s video header bidding is a hybrid solution that operates both on the client and server side in real-time.

Making the best of both worlds, Cedato significantly reduces latency, minimizes VPAID/VAST errors and increases the scope of demand of unlimited campaigns.

How does video header bidding maximize optimization?

Simply streamlines bidding across server & client sides

More revenue from every impression

Last-mile error  detection and resolution

Greater transparency in an open environment

More revenue from every impression

Cedato Video Header Bidding works in real time both on the server and client side without slowing page loads.

On the server side Cedato outsources the heavy lifting optimization process. It accounts for multiple data-points beyond price, to deliver the best results. The process captures the widest range of bidding sources and then sends the optimum results back to the client side for action.

On the client side Cedato video header bidding validates “last mile” video ad delivery by detecting potential VAST / VPAID errors and resolving them during the selection process.

By concurrently operating on the client and server sides, hybrid video header bidding addresses all the main shortcomings on one-sided processes to deliver the promise of programmatic video.

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